No working boiler means no hot water

In March this year due to a gas leak my supply was discontinued. So no hot water f except for pots, pans and a kettle.
Its taking its toll on me and looking after someone with disabilities I am close to having a TOTAL beak down.

I applied for a Grant but was told my house was energy efficient and I could only get £700 so I would need to pay over £1500 out if my own pocket to get a new boiler.

I am on LOW INCOME how exactly am I expected to find that kind if money? plus with the virus its like I can walk into a job and I AM NOT GOING TO pur myself into MORE DEBT. That would be stupid.

So no help. My only.option is to try to install an Electric Shower and I might end up dead in the process. Better make sure my WILL is up to date.

Totally pissed off :astonished:

Why was your supply discontinued due to a gas leak? If it was a mains supply gas leak then it should have been repaired and your supply restored.