NICE Guidelines for unpaid Carers

I came across the below revealing information on family unpaid Carers…

Unpaid carers should be offered advice and support, says NICE

Supporting adult carers

It more or less reiterates what’s already in law. We don’t need laws or guidelines, we need social care services and the NHS to go through a culture change.

I think they need reminding that they are Social SERVICES. There to truly support those in adversity. We need them to be honest, to write the truth. Recently one of the heads of SSD had said I was very difficult to get hold of! My answer phone is on permanently as I have a large garden, in a pandemic I have hardly left home and I’m seldom far from my computer.

It’s disheartening that social services are more focused on being masters of deceit. They should have in their remit to be constantly aware they are paid by Tax Payers money. But of course if anyone reminds them of this, they put it down to being ‘confrontational’ - everything to suite themselves.