NHS referral to MIND

Having gone through GP to neurologist to consultant neuropsychiatrist I was referred to MIND for cbt. Admittedly local cbt was thought to be faster than specialist cbt that the consultant thinks is in order. I was invited to the local MIND office last week for what turned out to be a form filling exercise normally conducted over the phone. The woman was no therapist and the form was inadequate. She hadn’t had access to my consultant’s referral.
She avoided best she could shaking my hand upon introduction and exit! She hasn’t followed up but this nontherapist said she didn’t think I’d qualify, even after the consultant from well known London hospital referred me.

Having served on a county mental health advisory board in California for many years, and realising I’m not in California anymore (!), I’m disappointed in my interaction with MIND so far! To go from learned consultant neuropsychiatrist to MIND off the high street seems like arriving in amateur hour to me. Anyone had any positive experience from this charity and its student trainees, as I was offered for a 19 year condition?