New carer new forum member

I’m new to caring and new to the forum.
I look forward to finding my way around the boards and talking to other people in the caring situation.
I also work in a caring role in one of my jobs.

Hello & welcome

Look forward to you posting!!

Welcome to the forum, I’ve been a carer for over 40 years, since my son was brain damaged at birth. Also supported many other family members.
Would you like to tell us a bit about who you care for? Are you getting enough help and support at the moment??


I’m currently caring for my husband, since we set up home together! So a bit of a shock to the system as I wasn’t expecting to be a carer, my husband to be seemed quite independent. He is on the autism spectrum.

I’m not really very well at the moment, our house situation is not good and compounded by recent flooding and power cuts etc.
I gave up my job to move across the country to live with my husband and haven’t yet managed to find work to keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed!

So things aren’t going well on many fronts. I’ve just joined my local carers group and this forum and have good support from family so I’m very lucky and extremely grateful to them.