My family cant cope with lockdown

She cried a lot. Her friends are still not going in. My wife has been bed bound due to hip and back pain, so she sorted out our shopping lists because she needed something to keep her mind occupied. (I think she was extra worried about us needing to drive to nursery because its still snowy and icy)

Did she settle once there and you had gone? What did the pre-school staff say?

Glad your wife did the lists it will help her feel more in control and its one less thing for you to do?


The staff said she didn’t really settle but my wife says its probably just because she needs to settle back in where she’s been out of nursery since the 2nd lockdown. I think she is right. She is doing Tues, weds and Thursday mornings. The same as before lockdown, we will see how she settles tomorrow.

I’ve got to go to the shops tomorrow so trying to plan the day. I know how upset my wife gets because she is desperate to come with me. I hope I can get her out of the flat soon, just need the last snow and ice to melt and I will try and find somewhere we can get out with her chair for a hour.

Hi David,
I hope she settles better tomorrow.

The snow is going here, washed away by the rain. I’m just hoping the slush doesn’t freeze tonight. It would be good if you and your wife can get some fresh air tomorrow.

I hope you pick up some bargains whilst shopping. Is your wife going to write the list for you again?


Looks like the snow is nearly gone. My wife has the drs this afternoon. So will at least get her out in the car.

Yeah she helped me write the list as she feels like she is at least helping. Its sad though because my wife first went to the shops with me about 4 years ago after spending years trying to manage it, so I think some days during this lockdown it feels like a huge achievement has been taken off her.