Mother in Community Care Assessment?

Does anybody know how to invoke the fast track option for the continuing health care assessment?

I visited my mum yesterday (my weekly 600-mile round trip) and she had declined rapidly and seemed to have lost hope after being discharged from the hospital. She had also had a fall (as far as I can tell no medical professionals were called to check she was OK and I don’t think she was as she was drowsy and seemed to have a problem with an eye), and is not getting the promised care - nurse care for the stoma dressing, antipsychotic medication, pain medication, rehabilitation/physiotherapy and she had stopped eating and drinking.

So multiple problems and I need to get her moved near to me and for her to get the care she needs quite urgently. I’ve sent a range of emails today to CCGs and hospital discharge team and both the old and new care homes and I just hope that somewhere along the line somebody will get some joined up thinking and she can get the support she needs by being close to me here in Manchester


Hi Liz,

The Fast Track assessment should be carried out by a registered medical practitioner (the ‘assessor’), such as a GP, consultant, registered nurse, hospice clinician, etc – but this person must have detailed knowledge of your relative’s needs. Unfortunately, families report that GPs and other medics often have little (if any) knowledge of the Continuing Healthcare assessment process, and it can fall to the family to ‘educate’ them in this respect. This can be immensely frustrating for the family at a time when urgent action is required.

Therefore, the more you know about the process the better, I suggest your read as much as you can NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track process | Care To Be Different

Good luck, keep us posted.