Mental health

My partner has recently been diagnosed with a personality disorder. I recently left my job to care for him full time, and if I’m honestly I’m struggling I feel like I’m on a moving rollercoaster that’s either up or down there’s no levelling out, I always knew this wouldn’t be easy. Since having children I’ve lost touch with the majority of my friends, I feel isolated and lonely, I have tried talking to my family but they aren’t understanding. I would like to speak with other people going through the same situation who I can relate to.

I’m sure others more experienced will respond soon. I wondered if you might be able to work or volunteer part time to get out of the house. It is very isolating and frustrating being at home all the time.

How old are you and your kids?

I have a caree with personality disorder and no one understands, Mind Website have a lot of useful information on personality disorder.

What type of personality disorder, there are quite a few?

Is your partner getting any treatment, help or support, therapy?

So if you want to talk will do my best to help.

Or message me.

Do you have any hobbies or not? Are you seeing a therapist? What about keeping a diary of your feelings etc?
This is a useful resource guide on what services are available across all areas of Britain when it comes to mental health issues. I have a mental health advice booklet in my flat I haven’t read for some time now. Do you want me to send it to you or not?

If you need to talk to people, call one of these numbers listed.