Lunch ideas please?

I’m sure someone asked for lunch ideas for their husband who doesn’t eat bread, but I can’t find the post now, anyway I’d love some new ideas too!
Mum does eat sandwiches but no longer wants salad in them and has them cut into 2-bite fingers - arthritic hands, very old dentures and a front tooth missing. Can only eat soft food. Doesn’t like pasta or rice.
So apart from soup and stews, we rely on omelettes or poached egg on bread.
We just about manage a week of variety so some new ideas would be great.

Beans or cheese on toast.
Iceland do Greggs pasties, pies and sausage rolls frozen, she could have one of those with some oven chips or croquettes or something?
Vegetable samosas, slice of quiche etc with some boiled veg for a change?
Curry or chilli with oven chips or mash.
Grilled Hallumi Cheese in pitta bread.
Cheese and crackers or a soft pita with soup or crumpets with cheese on or just plain.
Fish fingers in sandwiches or with chips.
Veg stir fry with noodles or with a vege or chicken burger etc.
Brioche rolls, these are very soft, with cheese spread or pate with a yoghurt etc.

Thanks Elizabeth :slight_smile:

Smooth peanut butter may work - crunchy can get under dentures - and it’s possible to get it without added sugar and salt. It’s all a matter of taste though, as well as archibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth) - and yes, apparently that’s a real thing!

Hummus with bread or pitta?

if you have an air fryer a few soft cooked chips to dip into a boiled or poached egg for a change to bread or a soft egg over a potato waffle as they are rather soft.

Bananas and custard for an occasional treat, hot or cold.

Shepherds pie, fish pie, homity pie - a cheese and potato pie.

Jacket potatoes - cook in the microwave, slice the potato lenghways, scoop out and mix with grated cheese and ham/bacon or onion or mix in some tuna and top with grated cheese, spoon the mixture back in to the skins with a rough texture and top with a bit of grated cheese then grill

Savoury pancake, make a white sauce or white wine sauce starting with sauteed onions, then flake some cooked chicken or salmon or white fish in to the cooked sauce and if desired add a bit of sage and some sweetcorn.
or do a cheese and onion sauce and add in some cooked brocolli breaking it down to very fine bits.
Or a bit of bolognese sauce in them or on them - serve like a pizza or fold in half or roll them up, i think your mum would struggle chewing one rolled up.
Have fun with fillings!

Cheese on toast
sardines on toast
tuna and cheese on toast
cheese and onion
make pizza toast

My mum can’t manage to chew a sandwich now so I make it an open sandwich on one slice of bread and slice it into fingers and cut down the middle to make it easier to handle and chew, her hands aren’t good either and her appetite is becoming very poor.

My mum would sometimes have rice pudding for a treat but finds that too heavy now, she likes a bit of semolina once in a while.

When she’s under the weather I make a sugar free jelly, she’s diabetic.

My dad didn’t like pasta but he loved spaghetti hoops with toast.
Mum the same but she’d have lasagne or macaroni cheese.

My mum is due for a new set of dentures and I need to get that sorted.

These are my ideas.

Cheese toast
Sausage rolls
Fruit salad
Chicken and potato salad
Cottage pie
Bubble and squeak
Pie and mash
Ham and cheese wraps
Tomato butty
Cheese and tomato etc
Stir fry
Wonton noodles
Egg fried rice
Cheese cake
Chicken burgers

Thanks so much everyone.
Rereading these making me feel hungry, must remember to eat myself!
Mum died quite unexpectedly on 13 October, the day after we’d had our seasonal **** boosters. Another ****email I have to write, but to whom???
She was 94. I had cared for her 24/7 for nearly 2 years after bringing her to live with me from her Care Home 250miles away. Her mother had lived with my parents till she died at 104 in 2001, so I was expecting another few years of gradual deterioration, and was very glad I had discovered this forum.
My Dad had a horrible death at home in 2017, tho we had wonderful NHS & Marie Curie carers supporting us throughout his last 3months, Mum was dreading becoming so incapacitated. So I count our blessings that she died of a heart attack, quickly & painlessly, in my arms as I was helping her into the car to go to a physio appointment. I had already booked listening service sessions, v helpful now I’m bereaved.
Thank you

Very sorry to hear about your Mum. Mary. But also glad that you found us. Do keep coming back.


sorry to hear about your Mum.

Better for the person to pass quickly and suddenly, but harder on those left behind.

Sending you cyber support (((hugs)))


So sorry to hear about your mums sudden passing.
I hope you have lots of lovely memories to comfort you.

Thank you Breezey, yes, lots of lovely memories (and millions of photos…it’ll take me forever to look through them all!) but of course the abiding one is of the emergency services trying to revive Mum on the pavement outside my house for half an hour, with me trying to tell them she did not want to have CPR & had reiterated that decision for 20 years. I must start a new topic about the importance of keeping the Do Not Resuscitate notice on you at all times… Season’s greetings to all of you.

Dig out the photos, Mary. It helps to bring the happier memories to the fore.