Hot meal a day?

Hi All

My mums blind and had Parkinson’s dementia. She has gradually stopped eating hot meals that are prepared for her.
I’m not that bad a cook honest but I have tried everything. I must just add she only has a few teeth at the bottom of her mouth

I tried a Sunday roast and popped the meat into a food processor so she wouldn’t have to chew but only after a few mouthfuls she said she didn’t want it

I’m at loggerheads with the carers who think I should buy ready meals in but I tried that and she isn’t keen either

She is quiet happy with finger food like a sandwich and a packet of crisps and a piece of fresh fruit. I personally think it’s down to her being in control of what she eats by using her hands. She never refuses fish and chips out of the wrapper put it that way…she will also eat chicken nuggets and wedges again because she uses her hands.

Where is it actually written that she HAS to have a hot meal a day ? She isn’t drastically loosing weight and we vary the sandwich filling for her which once in a while yes might include chocolate spread but if she is eating something shouldn’t that be enough for the carers to back off and cut her some slack…?

Time for mum’s Needs Assessment to be updated. You really don’t need this hassle, and mum is so inactive that she really doesn’t need that much anyhow, not as if she’s a Olympic athlete. My mum had stomach problems, she would talk about eating a roast dinner but couldn’t. She survived for years on a diet of white bread sandwiches and Mr. Kipling cakes. Soft, tiny, easy to eat, wrapped in pairs. Let mum eat what she wants.

Does you mum trust what the carers are giving her. Has she had a bad previous experience. Do you think some food hurt her mouth and swallowing can be an issue. Surely her G.P. could intervene to how healthy she is. What are the carers / agency concerned about. If is part of the care plan - hot meal a day. The care plan just needs changing.Sometimes it’s about carers/ agencies covering their backs. Which to a point is correct. However, care plans can be changed at any time.

Hi Linda,
it is better that your Mum is eating than not eating. If she prefers finger foods and will eat them, then what is the harm?

I agree her care plan needs adjusting. Perhaps a new menu should be drawn up - it can include hot, finger food meals - such as the fish and chips and chicken nuggets.

Eating with cutlery with complications of being blind and having Parkinson’s and dementia is probably takes too much effort for her to persist.

Google finger foods for ideas or hot buffet foods or toddler finger foods.