Lost possessions

Have you ever lost a possessions knowing that the dementia sufferer is behind it, however never being able to find it again?

I know from past experience that if my grandma is left alone that she would throw things out of the window. We have a hedge directly under the windows plus bushes at the side of the front garden so things would end up under there.
I hardly leave nan alone expect If the weather is not good but I really need to go to the local grocery shop which I can walk to.
A couple of weeks ago the hairdryer went missing but I could not find it anywhere. So strange, what could she of done with it. Also my DSLR camera which I happened to have left in the back room went missing and I have yet to find it. Again it is so strange, especially since my camera is a large chunky object.
It really baffles me :huh:

*oh and I did check the bins

Any one else been in the house? Any possibility they could have been stolen? If not have you checked the oven/freezer all spaces she can reach?
Best put things up high from now on?

My Mum used to hide things in her shoes at the back of the wardrobe and then stuff the shoe with tissues !

I can’t tell you the number of packets of cigarettes and £10 notes we found when we cleared her wardrobes out after she died !

Hah, I lost years searching for things. Mainly in bins but frequently stuffed behind the sofa, knickers behind the radiator and hearing aids wrapped in tissues and then binned.

In your case though they are larger objects so more difficult to hide …

My nan used to wrap everything in tissues. She’d open her bag and out would come this avalanche of paper tissues. You had to unwrap every piece to make sure she hadn’t hidden £50 notes in there. Then she’d panic because someone had moved her tissues.

My mum would put things away to “keep them safe”, then forget where they were, and sometimes say others had taken them. Her large bungalow was full of “stuff”. I found many of the “lost” items when I cleared it out for sale. However, if YOUR stuff is being thrown away, the time has come to lock your bedroom door.

My 56 year old cousin has dementia. Whenever she comes to stay I insist on windows being closed so she doesn’t open them and inevitably forget to shut them at night. She is coming to stay with us tomorrow and I have prepared as best as I can. We recently moved into a new apartment in a gated community. I was constantly fearful when we lived in our old flat on a busy road.
Do you have a safe or not? We also have lights that automatically go on when someone is moving around. I also installed safety switches in all rooms of our flat and visually check everything at night too. Keep everything in there.

Hi I am new here and just reading some posts in the hope of finding a answers to issues I am going through caring for my mum who has dementia.

I read u r post and just wanted to say mum keeps putting things away in places and then cant find them out she doesn’t tell me where they are and then blames me for taking things like sisters and drying cloths. She also takes my pants after they have been dried and hides them in her cupboards

I dont k ow what the solution is but know that u r not the only one going through this