Looking after elderly mom

Hello everyone

My name is Christine and I currently care for my 83 year old mom. The pandemic as for everyone has brought about many challenges affecting us all in some way. I think I will get straight to the point,I’m drained and exhausted mentally,I have noticed a decline over the last six months with my mom’s memory. There is confusion present at times and quite a lot of repetitive conversation and questions. I finally managed to get mom to agree to have a GP telephone triage appointment threee weeks ago and it was concluded from this that a referral is needed for her memory and some blood tests to rule out possible underlying conditions that may be the reason for her current situation. Both of these she has adamantly refused to do so we are stuck as to what to do next. Can anyone offer me some much needed advice?

I agree caring through the pandemic has been really hard. I’m exhausted and this feeling doesn’t seem to be lifting. Life feels a real effort.

It sounds like your Mum is scared what the tests will show, will she discuss these fears with your or friend/family member?