Local Government Ombudsman

Just wondering if anyone has lodged a complaint through the Local Government & Social Services Ombudsman - and was the outcome worth the time and trouble?


Hi Pennie … the LA Ombudsman’s site … much meat therein … worth exploring if response from individuals readers in minimal :


A direct link to the DECISONS section … which is searchable :

Decisions - Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

Also , a link to the CAB on the procedures should a complaint be made :


Hi Pennie
I haven’t lodged a case myself, but have been monitoring all the findings for the past few months. They issue a weekly list of completed cases which makes fascinating, if lengthy, reading

Firstly you have to have followed the Councils (or Care providers) complaints procedure first
Secondly you have to show there has been “injustice” I.e some adverse impact
Thirdly, any financial award they make is token, (after having made the council pay any refunds due etc) usually a few hundred pounds
Fourth, it does make the findings public and therefore “shames” the council/provider
Fifthly, it does order Councils/providers to amend procedures where necessary
Sixthly, they look only at maladminstration or service failures, not at quality of care or medical matters

Oh, and they won’t look at many things deemed ‘historic’ which should have been complained of or referred at the time, not years after the event

Overall I have been amazed by the naive and just plain wrong mistakes that councils/providers make.
I have also been amazed by how many people complain without being fully prepared.

Personally I would, else SS and providers won’t learn, or be kept on their toes

Hope this helps

Needless to add , the LA ombudsman is rather busy right now :

And that’s with just the tip of a very large iceberg reaching his " in " tray.

Thanks, Chris and MrsA, for your responses.

I have spent a lengthy time going through the LGO website and believe that this is the place where we should pursue our complaint - not looking for any financial compensation (although it would be nice to hit the company “where it hurts” most!) but would really just like an admission that the whole situation was completely mishandled and an official apology (and that it won’t happen again).

We have already complained to the care-provider, received a letter full of platitudes and I’m pretty sure that we fulfill the criteria for taking it further.


Your welcome , Pennie.

I waited about 18 months for a decision, trust me to be allocated someone who went sick! He didn’t resolve anything, because the LA changed care provider, and now I’ve been told to start the complaints procedure all over again. Utter waste of time.

Remember that you would have to show that someone has been adversely affected, and make sure it wouldn’tt be to stressful for you. I’d say go for it.
I’m sorry it didnt work out for BB who battles daily for the right care for M.
It’s always a such a shame that carers have to pick which battles to fight. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was no neèd for battles in the first place ?


It’s a commercial care-provider that we have a complaint against - I’m tenacious (and I have the time), so will probably go for it!

Go for it Pennie, I currently have a safeguarding issue with the owner of my Mums home which the Council are investigating.

It’s funny how a person changes when they know they are under investigation, the person in my case has gone from knocking on my door late at night, demanding £35,500 or legal action. To this cowering little idiot who won’t even face up to me.

I’ve also notified the CQC as should you.