LBC's James OBrien discuses care home fees on now!

Good morning, just to let you know James O Brien is informing listeners of care home fees and is seeking ideas from callers on how to fix the problem of having to sell house to pay for care!

( Doesn’t appear to have an archives section ??? )

I won’t bother to post that link for the GREEN PAPER , SOCIAL CARE thread.

I wonder if James has anything new to add that’s NOT covered in that thread ???

It will be available to hear and download on lbc catch up for the next week for free.

He’s pretty good at getting the word out.

Thanks Rosemary.


LBC Catch Up is no longer taking new subscriptions and the service will close down at the end of 2018.

This is because a you can now hear all of LBC’s shows for free on the all-new LBC app. Download it from your device’s app store now.

Maybe good at getting the word out there but … is anyone listening ???

Get the app and you’ll be able to hear after his show ends at one.

Which means a mobile phone or … do any of these all new singing and dancing laptops / tower systems have such facilities to receive these " Aps ? "

No apologies for being a dinosaur but … I’m still trying to identify one advantage for a person like me for having a mobile phone … an Internet recluse.

If a podcast , can be transferred across to the forum.

Just send me it’s .url address.

Can’t help but think more people nationwide heard James this morning than are aware of the new Carers UK leader’s comments.

If on the forthcoming Green Paper , he’ll now know more than we do as to CUK’s position !

Hard to believe it’s such a secret to us! Take care Chris.