Introducing myself

Hi there, I’m Keven from W.Sussex I look after my wife who has mental health issues, I also have three children, all boys! My youngest son has just been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Hi Keven,

Three boys and summer holidays! You will have your hands full. Do you get any help or support from Social Services?

Hi Keven, I look after my wife also she has severe epilepsy, I hope your son gets his seizures under control. I can be a stressful time learning about epilepsy and getting on the long treatment road which I imagine your wife might find difficult to handle. I really hope things improve as time goes on, stay positive as over 60% of people with epilepsy to regain control with just medication.

Hi Keven,
welcome to the forum.

I hope you are managing to get out and about with the boys this summer. You must be busy supporting your wife, caring for the boys and now with attending appointments with your younger son.

S has epilepsy too, increasing his meds to the level needed was hard on us both (particularly as each increase affected his ability to sleep,) it is reasonably well controlled now though.