Hello, my name is Kerry and I care for 3 family members.
My husband has a severe mental health illness, psychosis and depression, along with autism traits.
My 17 year old daughter has autism, sensory processing disorder and anxiety.
My 77 year old mum who has restrictive mobility after breaking her leg and hip after two recent falls. She has been staying with me as she was struggling to look after herself. This is supposed to be a short term plan but it’s now been 6 months. We are happy with the situation as I can help everyone at home!
So that’s me, well the people I care for anyway :wink:

Hi Kerry

Nice to meet you! Sounds like a handful! Are you able to get some time for yourself? What do you like doing?

Until earlier this year I was carer to both elderly parents, but now just Mum, Dad died in Feb. Mum has dementia and sight problems, although is still living at home with support. Dad had a progressive neurological condition, with mental, physical and cognotive symptoms. He spent last 18 months in a nursing home. I also have 2 young children and I work part time from home, which is great as allows me to juggle my family commitments. I like reading, cooking, walking the dog, meeting up with my friends and Love Island (tho shhh - don’t tell anyone as I am WAY too old to watch it!).

Kerry, your mum needs to go back to her place with proper support. You have more than enough to do with your husband and daughter. You may be able to “look after all of them” but who is looking after you?!

Although I don’t have much me time, I am happy with our current arrangement, at least I’m never bored!

Hey - glad to hear that you are happy with how things are! I can see that it helps to have everyone together!

Have you ever asked the kids how they feel though?

Yes, I would never put anyone, not even my mum above the kids or my husband. Luckily they all love Nanny living with us.
My only gripe is space and money but hey somethings are more important like everyone feeling safe and loved.