I'm drowning

how do I stop feeling like I’m wasting away? I care for both my parents and my grandmother (we all live in the same house). I cant get any help from charities as I’m not classed as a young or senior carer, but when i eventually can no longer look after them or they pass, I will have nothing. how does everyone else cope with this feeling?

Lauren, tell us about more about yourself, your parents and grandparents.

I’m not surprised you are feeling like this, THREE people to care for in the same house is far too much for any one person. We should be able to help you sort this out to make some “Me” time.

How old are they?
What is wrong with them?
What disability benefits are they claiming?
Who owns the house?
Do any of them have over £23,000 in savings?
Do you have Power of Attorney for each of them?

I’ll be back later. Builders at work in the house!!

100% agree with the above, as with a little more information people would be able to give better advice.
To be honest looking after one person can be physically and emotionally draining let alone three!
In your position the first person I’d speak to would be the GP so that he/she was aware of the situation.
Contact local carers groups. With luck they can offer some really good help, support and suggestions.

I’ve been a carer for over 22 years and I would not choose the same route again. The problem is everyone around is moving forward with their lives except the carer who is stuck in their carering role. I believe it is very important that you establish time for yourself. What do you want for yourself?

Does anyone help you in your caring role?