I know ive made mistakes but i need some advice

Ill give you a breif history behind why i am messaging.
My wife is currently going through cbt and is on medication due to my actions over the last 2 years i have hidden from them 20000 of debt because i though i was on top of it i was in denial to myself. Whist that was goin on she seemed to distance herself from me more aguements and in the end i found myself in an emotional relationship with someone else and move out. I moved back home to her in the January 18 things where going great until i lost my job and ok maybe i could have handled it better than i did a what i thought was a mate took advantage of my vulnerability and because i wasnt think straight we had a one night stand whilst my wife was at work which she found out about a month late thanks to social media. Now even with me appologising trying to support her through her cbt and gp appointments and making changes within myself like letting her go through my phone to prove i have nothing to hide this seem on her part to become an obsession i understand that the reason she has the diagnosis of worry related depression is because of me but im stuck how can i help her move on because at the moment it seems like she wants to bring up my actions every argument because she cant / wont move on even though i have been nothing but honest and open and supportive towards her whilst juggling a full time job ( in mental health and challenging behaviour ) dealing with a personal family issue. Thank you for any advice you may have

Hi Rebecca

Maybe it would eb worth contacting Relate for some professional support?

Hi Rebecca
I think you would benefit from counselling or cbt yourself too, to understand yourself as much as to understand your wifes reactions . Once trust is lost it takes along long time to regain

Relate is a good idea


Thank you for your suggestions i appreciate the feed back given.

Maybe a bit late but I agree with the tips above.