How do you discuss your feelings with your caree??

Just curious if anyone has experience of discussing their situation with their caree.

I’ve been caring for my partner for 2 years now and I admit I was upfront and recently said that sometimes I feel more like a carer than a partner.

My partner found this very upsetting and won’t allow me to explain exactly what I meant. I feel very guilty for making her feel like this.

Has anyone had similar experiences or tips?


How old is your partner? What is her illness? How long have you been together?

Discuss what you miss in the relationship. What you found good and enjoyable. And how you as a couple can regain some of it.

It’s OK to feel as you do and to express it. But not everyone can handle it. Also tell your partner they need to express the same.

It’s surprising what can be achieved. It both parties feel listened too.

Just take one simple thing that you feel has changed. Say how you feel how it’s changed etc.

We all are allowed to feel upset is totally OK.