How do I change my forum username

How do I change my forum username Please


Click on your avatar (top right). A drop down menu will show. Click on the person icon for another menu, an then click on preferences. You can change your name from there.

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Thank you I will try that

Hi again
Can’t seem to find it under account preferences/profile? Maybe I’m missing something? :wink:

After you’ve clicked on preferences you’ll see a pencil “icon” next to your username - click on that to edit your username

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Hello. That’s interesting as there’s no pencil icon next to me username?

I don’t think you’ve gone “far enough” Claire.

  1. click on your avatar icon - top right hand side of page
  2. click on the “head and shoulders” icon
  3. click on “Preferences”

you should then get the page as shown in the screenshot I added earlier - and you should see the pencil icon next to your ursername.

The screenshot I added is from my desktop PC - from the image you’ve added I think you’re using your mobile phone so you do get a different view although all functions should be available to you - just in a different order ! (I don’t use my mobile for the forum so not sure what to advise next) I suspect that if you click on the “preferences” or “account” drop down menus you may find it that way.
If not I’ll ask @aaron.dryden (IT Admin) to advice.

The pencil icon will always indicate where you can edit a function or text.

If none of these work, a moderator can make the change for you.

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