Housing Benefit Qusetion

Hi , can anybody please answer this question - we have never been eligible for HB before , but we are hoping to go into Extra Care Housing (where you are independant but get some care when needed ) .Because this is dearer than just paying rent I looked up HB , and it says you can get HB if you go into one of these places .I have tried CAB for the answer but so far they haven’t got back to me .
many thanks

I would suggest that you bought a copy of the Disability Rights Handbook. I would always describe it as the best, well written book ever. You can work through each section and decide easily what does and does not apply to your situation, armed with a highlighter pen. Reduced rate for the disabled. You library might have a copy.

Hi there.

Please contact your local Council’s housing section. They should have a team that work in the “health and housing” unit who might be able to help you.

Failing that, contact the revenue and benefits section. They deal with UC claims for housing - well they do in my Council.

I don’t know where you live but HB has more or less been phased out and is now known as UC.

Good luck.