Looks like my days for caring are over, As a carer for my mother (who has MND) who has to manage his own condition (Parkinson’s disease) I gave up my job - settling for ill health retirement. The same weekend that my employment was terminated mother was rushed into hospital (22 December). After a few weeks she was transferred to Holme Towers. It is possible that, after a few months, she will be transferred to a nursing home - it is very unlikely that when will ever go home. As her carer, I still live in the house which she bought years ago.
It has been suggested to me that I might be required to sell the house to pay for nursing care - however, living in Wales, I’m not convinced that is the case. If anyone could shed some light on this I would be very grateful - Thanks

Google NHS Continuing Healthcare Wales.

Hi Just ThisGuy.

A sorry state of affairs to say the very least.

Income wise … how are you now surviving ???

AGE CYMRU are best placed to answer all questions and guide you through this :

Age Cymru | We are the national charity for older people in Wales.

Contact details :

Contact Age Cymru

I will assume your mother is the sole home owner , and not a tenant … either social or b.t.l. ?

You are under 60 ?


After a few weeks she was transferred to Holme Towers

( Under the NHS Reenablement Scheme pending a longer term care plan being put into place ? )

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … a factor here ?

If so , could be a life changer for BOTH of you.
Home - Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

( Welsh version … our main thread just covers England. )

AGE CMYRU … on CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare :

NHS continuing healthcare | Free care for people with significant health needs | Age Cymru

**[u]AGE CMYRU … and don’t spare the horses.

Time is now running against you ![/u]**

Thanks for that.
I have now contacted Age Cymru and Parkinson’ and my union.
I am 59.
Yes - a longer term care plan is anticipated and we’re having a meeting today. NHS Continuing Healthcare is a factor (though I don’t know a great deal about that) I’ll have to have a look at that soon

Your welcome.

… and pleased to learn that you are following our advice … which is to seek EXPERT advice !

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … do not allow " Them " to dismiss it out of hand !!!

Be sure not to agree to anything or sign anything without taking proper advice. As you are 59, and they haven’t said for certain that mum can never come home, all you have to do is play for time until your 60th birthday.
Do you have Power of Attorney?
If not, it takes a while to sort out Guardianship, so again, playing for time is by far the best plan at the moment.

I’ve been in similar circumstances, having hospital meetings where they are all going to bully you.
Here are some delaying tactics.
If they haven’t offered you and mum an “advocate” then you could ask for the meeting to be postponed until they have arranged one for each of you.
Say “mum isn’t going anywhere until you’ve done the CHC assessment”.
Have they provided you with reports from the physio etc.?

Go to the meeting allowing plenty of time for traffic parking, have a tea and a wee before the meeting.
Take a notebook and pencil.
If they start using jargon and initials, do NOT allow them to do this. Ask them not to, and each time they do it, stop them and ask them to tell you what they are talking about! (This gives you the control, not them!)
Do not allow them to talk so fast you can’t keep up and take notes.

I’d either play for time till your 60, by cancelling meetings, rearranging, saying your ill etc, need more information or I’d be pushing to have your Mum home with carers support.
Last thing you want is to end up having to sell the house and becoming homeless.

In any case, you shouldn’t need to sell the house, because the total liability is only going to be fees for a few months.
Make sure you gather together all mum’s financial paperwork.
I recommend a lever arch file and some Mylar dividers, then putting everything related to one subject, gas, water, electric, rates et. in each divider, in date order, over the next few days. Filing can be quite relaxing if you do it in front of the telly in the evening, letting it take as long as it takes.
Do you have Power of Attorney?
You will need to tell DWP that mum has gone into hospital.

I have lasting power of attorney. I told DWP when Mam went into a hospice so they could cancel my carer’s allowance


I told DWP when Mam went into a hospice so they could cancel my carer’s allowance

By the book … pleased to learn.

CA will cease when your mother’s qualifying benefit ( I assume Attendance Allowance ? ) stops … usually after 28 days.

Hospice … and not a nursing care facility ?

The link for the equivalent of CHC in Wales … hopefully , it covers the following extracted from the MAIN thread for England :


( AGE CMYRU would have probably picked this up ??? )

I would definitely fast track continuing health care. Quite often Nhs will set up refusals and then you will need to appeal. It can take months…which will also bide time for you and give you the excuse to delay matters until your 60. Box clever because these organisations aren’t fair and won’t care if you lose your home. Look after yourself.

Sorry to sound a bit dumb but could you tell me a bit more about these refusals please?

CHC refusals ?

Said service IS rationed … by design.

Read on … and draw your own conclusion :

Do not get so distracted trying to achieve the near impossible with the CHC route that you overlook the all important 60 landmark. Beg borrow or steal until you reach 60- you are so near that safety zone.


As far as your mother’s interests are concerned , do NOT lose sight of CHC.
Reach 60 AND have CHC granted … best of both worlds ?

Your interest is then protected and … your mother will be receiving the best care possible … at NO cost to her , or to her estate.

Knowing that is a great weight off any son’s … or daughter’s … mind ?

Continuing Healthcare is a postcode lottery. I live in the New Forest, almost impossible to get, but in parts of the north west of England it’s 800% easier to claim!!

It’s important to make sure they follow the rules, and you appeal if necessary, don’t give up.