Hospital treatment of carers - urgent advice needed

My husband went for a hip op today, when we went in yesterday all the staff were most understanding of my need to be there and happy for me to stay. I left on the understanding i was to be there before he went to theatre. Change of staff and now have two or three staff who seem determined that i should not be there. I asked them for advice on how to manage moving him when we get him and dos and donts and was abruptly told he will be able to do himself. This group of staff clearly do not consider my role as full time carer and are trying to withold info from me.
My husband does not always follow what people are saying to him and have had issues in the past. I am most concerned that i will not be allowed in tommorow until visiting times and will therefore not be aware of what is being done/said etc and my husband will get mixed up with what is being done.
Is there any advice on how to manage this situation?

Talk to the nurse department. Can they help or not? Contact Patient Advocacy Liaison Service for more support and information on your rights.

Sarah, if he has difficulty understanding, then they should have a specially trained nurse available to support him and you. My son has learning difficulties, I know there has to be a special nurse now, and it should be the same for dementia etc. Do they have a Carers Passport system, you should be allowed to visit outside normal hours. If not, complaint straight away to the CEO’s office.

Thankyou both, I will ask today when i go in at 3pm. Likely there will be noone availanle being as it is weekend now but its worth asking. I asked the nurses again last night if i could be there for any consultations etc, stressing i had had issues before but was told definatly not and that i had to stick to strict visiting hours. I am frustrated as i know medication isnt being given properly and my husband will not speak out or even realise.