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Hi everyone,

Could you give me any advice about getting a barber to do a home visit in the Crawley, West sussex area, to trim my dads hair and beard. My dad is bed bound and his skin is so fragile Im too scared to do it.

Thanks in advance

Have you asked your local Facebook Group? Maybe a local nursing home could tell you who they use?
Have you ever used hair clippers?
They are very simple to manage, with a plastic guard to stop cutting it too short.
I have been cutting my sons’ hair since they were small, they are now in their 40’s.
We have some Wahl cordless clippers, the cheaper makes didn’t last long.

Thanks so much for your response. I dont use social media so cant ask on facebook. I have asked Age Uk, no luck. I could ask the hospice that is a good idea, Ill give that ago. Yes I have used clippers but the carer cut him with the clippers because of his skin and I dont want to take that chance. So Id prefer a professional to do it.

Hi Dionne
Some advice from a hairdresser for over 40years. Either contact a local care home or carers hub.
You will be opening a can of worms trying to do it yourself. Full size clippers will sort of take care of the back and sides, but smaller less aggressive trimmers are needed to line out the back and sides and remove hair around the neck area. Attachment combs can easily ping off. Older skin is very easy to cut, plus clipper or razor burn is a real issue and can lead to infection. The top and sides will need to be cut and blended with scissors. Then trying to do a haircut for someone in bed will be almost impossible. Not comfortable for them and will destroy your back. With the greatest of respect a haircut done by an untrained person looks at best, like an untrained person did it.
If I was local I would do it for him. Get a pro to do it, probably won’t be cheap though.
Good luck and best wishes

Good luck

If all else fails try asking local barber shops if they can do a home visit on their way home.
If you see ads for mobile hairdresser ask them about doing barber cuts and their costs and petrol charge.

Be prepared for them to charge for petrol if you in a different direction/charge for it anyway.

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