Home Insurance - when caring for someone living elsewhere?

Hello. I have just joined Carers UK :grinning: and this is my first post.
Caring for my Mum means I can’t live in my own home - but the Insurers for my flat insist I stay there overnight every 60 days. This means I need to leave my Mum on her own for a night which I would rather not do. Does anyone know of an Insurer who, as I am a Carer, might accept daytime visits to my flat - instead of insisting on the overnight stay? I have tried to talk to them but it’s not done any good so far. All advice most welcome!

Welcome to the forum. If mum needs 24/7 care, then you need regular breaks so you can switch off and relax in your own place. Whilst I’m sure mum only wants you, that is a risky strategy, because if anything happened to you, what would mum do?

Thank you so much for your reply - very much appreciated. You are right it is lovely to be in my own home, and yes as a sole carer I am “the weakest link - but I would worry less if I didn’t have to be away overnight…especially in the Winter. Maybe I just worry too much!!

Hi Caza,

Welcome to the forum.

I don’t have experience of this as a carer, but did need to ensure two houses for awhile when we were moving house. If you are leaving the house empty for longer than an extended ‘holiday’ the insurance cost goes up massively as it needs specialist insurance. I agree that it’s silly as you are checking on the house during occasional day times.

I don’t think it needs to be you staying over, do you know anyone who could sleep over occasionally for you?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Someone else staying over is a good suggestion. I’ll check my policy to see if it has to be me staying over.

@caza , on mine it just said the house shouldn’t be unoccupied continuously for more than X amount of nights. I can’t remember how long now, as it was several years ago.

Hello, Caza. Of the options available, if you know and trust someone who could “house sit” occasional nights, this could be the best option. Certainly check the policy first, and if anything is unclear, phone the insurance company to confirm that they agree to this. If the insurance company is unhelpful, you could try shopping around other companies. But beware - insurers do not like unoccupied properties. You may find you will need to pay more.