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Shark ION R75 vs. R85: Which One Is Better?

Shark made a rather spectacular entrance into the smart robot vacuum market space with the introduction of the R-series robot vacuums. But the question of whether to choose the entry-level ION Shark robot R75 or the higher-end R85 has become a prickly issue among Shark’s customers.

You’ll get to find out all of the differences between either in this article.

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Performance Power

The Shark R85 delivers better in arguably the most important criteria: performance power. According to the company, the R85 series robots can produce 3 times the suction power of R75 robots.

Test results show that the R85’s more powerful motor can generate an airflow around 1,400 Pa, while the R75 only reaches up to 1,000 Pa. Both robots are more than capable of handling most kinds of debris on the bare floors like hardwood, tiles, and linoleum.

Carpeting would be where their performance differs: the R85 would be a far better choice for cleaning thicker carpets due to its greater suction power. The Shark robot R75 would only be effective on low-pile carpets or short rugs.

Battery Life

Surprisingly, although the R85 features a larger motor and a higher starting price, it has a smaller battery (2,550 mAh) than the more budget R75 (2,600 mAh). Coupling with the more powerful motor, the R85’s battery life suffers significantly.

The majority of the Shark ION R75 reviews put its battery life at around 1.5 hours. In contrast, the R85 can only put up to about 1 hour of continuous use.

Though the half-hour difference may be impressive, both the Shark ION Robot™ 750 and R85 are usable only for small to medium-size homes and apartments. Taking into account the basic navigation system on both, it’s unlikely that either of them would be able to thoroughly clean large spaces.

WiFi Connectivity And Phone App

Although both robots feature WiFi modules and can be used in conjunction with Shark’s smartphone app, the

shark ion robot rv750 stands out from the R85 in this aspect just because of its price.

Budget vacuums the likes of the R75 typically do not feature smart connectivity functions. The fact that it starts for less than $200 in many outlets while also boasting smart connectivity boosts its overall value for the price significantly.

Navigation System

The navigation system of the R85 is similar to the one found in the R75. Their proximity sensors warn them off from walls, furniture, and obstacles. At the same time, infrared “cliff sensors” can prevent them from tumbling off of stairs and ledges.

Though this basic navigation set-up is adequate, it is nowhere near the most advanced on the market. Higher-end robot vacuums equipped with laser and optical sensors can navigate more efficiently and accurately than these two. And like previously mentioned, had either of these been equipped with advanced navigation tech, they would’ve been perfect for large spaces cleaning.

Dust Bin Capacity

The R85 beats the Shark ION robot 750 in this department with the ability to store 21 ounces of dirt and debris. The R75 is only capable of storing 14 ounces.

In spite of this, however, most of the reviews for these Shark robots spoke favorably of their capacity. It should be kept in mind that there are many models out there that have far smaller capacity even when compared to the R75.


All in all, if you prefer a purchase that has the best bangs for your bucks, the shark ion r75

would be the perfect investment. On the other hand, if you want to have something that packs a bigger punch and doesn’t mind splurging, the R85 wouldn’t be a shabby buy.

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