Hi I am new


Just joined today. My sister and I look after my 85 year old mum. She has MS and lives alone. She does have regular carers who come in 4 times a daily for her personal needs, meals etc. Mum had a fall a few years ago, which meant she was unable to walk again. She now has a bed in livingroom. My sister and I stay locally so visit as often as we can, help her out with shopping, washings etc. It is hard going especially as we have busy lives. Mum has been struggling lately with delirium so is currently in hospital. She has been getting better so now waiting for a care package. It is hard going with visits to hospital etc, but so lovely to see her. At home we manage to get her out for walks etc and also registered for My Bus which has been great, we can get her out and about around our area, for lunches, or our houses. We hope Mum will b :smiley: e home soon, so just booked a taxi for Christmas day, for a wheelchair, managed to get it. Thanks for listening .

Hi Fiona,

Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like your Mum has a great quality of life for her age and condition.

Does your Mum take a carer with her when she goes out for lunch? Just wondering if they’d be able to put a load of washing in the machine and take it out on their return? One less job for you and your sister to do.

Good idea to book the taxi well in advance.