Help advice needed regarding Section 2 Tribunal

Hi folks this is my first post here.
Current situation is this…husband with complex ptsd/Tbi on Section 2 since Sunday after after horrific 24 hrs experience with A n E/police/A n E again.
Admitted to Psych ward Sunday night, ending up in resus/ A nE following a medical collapse due to Dr on call not represcribing life vital insulin and cortisol in timely manner, additional abuse concerns on ward.
Complaint lodged and inquiry began by hospital management on Tuesday.
As from Wednesday hubs who is still really unwell MH wise gets annoyed regarding a domestic issue and issues order to staff that I’m not to be informed of any health related information.
It transpires he has booked a solicitor and tribunal for Wednesday morning which he states I’m not allowed to, do I have any rights to be included ?
I love him , have diligently cared for him for 20yrs ,want him home well ASAP but right now I’m scared they will let him go to tribunal and potentially release him without input from myself/adult son at home.

Hi SueMc,

I’m sorry to read of the traumatic time you have all been having and dreadful care your husband has received.

I don’t have experience of caring for someone in the mental health system, but others are here do and should be a long with advice. In the meantime, I suggest you look here for information, if you haven’t done so already. They have helplines too.