Happy to find this forum. I have been a carer for over 20 years - supporting my mother’s toy boy (GT) from when she died at 92 and he was 78. They never married. He came on the scene when I was 10, mum was 44 and he was 30. He lived in his own home until nearly 2 years ago when he became seriously ill. After many years of 100 mile trips to see and support him he moved to the nursing wing of a care home a few minutes drive from my New Forest home. He recovered from a serious infection but now approaching 99 he is crippled with arthritis in his legs and hands and virtually deaf. He remains cheerful, tells me he hasn’t got long each time I see him and tells me he will be perfectly happy not to wake up.
There are some issues I will post about from time to time. At 2pm today I will be attending an essential care givers meeting at the Care Home - the first since GT was admitted in December 2020. During lockdown we did have a couple of Zoom meetings. I may post again later.

My signature is my real name. While I respect those who choose anonymity I prefer to be aware that anything I write can be traced back to me. It makes me cautious about what and how I say things.

Hi Peter,

Welcome to the forum.

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