Having to reapply in May as self employed

Hello, my husband is my carer but not good at using the internet! He is self employed and we only started claiming for carers allowance in December 2018. We received acceptance in February, some back pay and the 2 months allowance. Suddenly this month we did not get it and on ringing were told (a bit brusquely) that he would have to reapply again due to the new tax year? This was not written anywhere on our acceptance letter and I cannot find it anywhere online, it is really annoying and will it take another 3 months to get an answer, will he have to fill out al the forms again and finally will he need to do this every year? He is so hardworking and such a support for me, this is so frustrating.

Hi Samantha.

CA stopped … husband self employed … re-apply as it’s a new tax year ?

First I’ve heard of this … highly probable a first for all other readers !

( Even under Universal Credit … and that really is saying something ! )

Many reasons for CA to be stopped but … a new one on me.

As you mentioned , trawling through the Internet … zilch.

One to bounce off the experts out there.

Either the CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) … links follow :


Let us know how you get on … will be added to our knowledge base.

Hi Samantha,
I know less than nothing about it!! But I wonder if this is something to do with his ‘self employed’ status, in that he may now be earning (they think) more than the amount allowed to receive carer’s allowance. He must earn less than £123 a week (after deductions) apparently.
Have you kept a record of all ‘earnings’? I have no idea whether this is averaged out over time or whether each month counts.
Good luck.

Yep … one of several possible explanations but … " Because it’s a new tax year ? " … ???

Me thinks a disgruntled employee at the DWP just trying to palm off a claimant ?

Thanks, they are apparently sending us “a form” to complete, I will try the links suggested. Will let you know what happens next.