Haringey and direct payments

Im a live-in carer for a severly disabled man. Iam paid for 55hours a week and we have another carer who dies 35 hours a week. The man I look after, Mike uses Direct Payments to oay for hus care. We have have just had a visit from a new social worker (8th in 10 years), who came to do the annual care review 3 months early.
From what she said it us clear haringey have a problem with direct payments. They gave secretly adopted a policy if trying to remove or reduce dp because they dont like disabled people having control over their own care. They are deliberately subverting the law for their own benefit.

Hi Robert … how can we family / kinship carers help ?

Nothing in the news nor on the Haringey Council website on this.

All LAs have to offer DPs … by law.

I will assume no employer / employee problems between yourself and your employer , and all book keeping upto date
and in accord with the blueprint supplied by the Council ?

( Employer … the person you look after and NOT the council ? )

55 hours … no EU Working directive being observed ?

If you have concrete evidence , the LA Ombudsman would be your way forward.

As for the person you look after , has anyone mention CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare / NHS Nursing Funded Care to
him … perhaps at this last Needs Assessment ?

If not , that would be of concern … to him … and to me if it was my caree.