Guilty in court but successful reconsideration

I was caring for my mum fromJanuary 15 til she passed away this August.
From Sept 15 I started work and informed CAU but apparently sent the letter to local DWP office and not Carers Unit
After a few weeks I was struggling mentally and physically so asked my sister in law would she (if I paid taxi fare of £10 per day -£5 per trip there then home) would she help by going to mums giving her breakfast and personal care every weekday morning then as I only worked morning I would care for her in afternoon to bedtime.
Unfortunately I didn’t tell CAU of this arrangement- I was mentally shattered and as I calculated I would still be entitled to receive the money I never made telling them a priority
In January this year I was interviewed under caution by DWP fraud which lead to me going to court last month pleading guilty and receive fine of £300 and Costs of £200.
AT NO TIME have I received official notification of the Overpayment and the Reconsideration was still in the queue to be considered
This afternoon I received a phone call from CAU to say my reconsideration has now been auctioned and found in my favour for all but £305 overpayment
I’m ecstatic at this BUT I now have a criminal record and a £500 fine to pay
Has anybody had experience like this and will I be entitled to back pay of benefits from January to my mums death in august
I told numerous people incl solicitor and court that my reconsideration was still to be decided but nobody thought to suspend the court case til after it had been decided. I am so glad that my mental health is better nowadays as this scenario of an IUC then Court, fine and criminal record would have finished me off. Sorry for the long scribe. Thanks for reading :-???

One for either the CAB or CUK Advice team to answer.

Links for both follow :

As it’s Carers Week , advisors are doing a Q&A session on the forum.

Might be to your advantage to add your problem to that thread :

Do you have a lawyer or not?

I had a lawyer for court Rang her today to update but she was unavailable