Gp support needed?

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I’ve started a new thread here, because so many carers (including me) feel that there could be more support for carers in their caring role. The link above is written by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Makes interesting reading.

I have to say I have a good relationships with my surgery. I have been recorded for some years as my husband’s carer. And have absolutely no difficulty in getting appointments etc. They are also proactive when I need an appointment. And I am given priority as a carer.


I have trouble making GP appointments Never any when I phone up. I often have to wait weeks to see a GP, and then sometimes I end up having to do something for one of my sons and cant attend anyway so I end up cancelling!

You are lucky to get priority appointments how does this work in practice?,

I gave the RCGP details to our surgery after there was no fiexibility whatsoever and suggested to my son’s surgery Practice Manager that he had a look at them too!

You just contact your G.P surgery and register as a carer. You will need your cared for persons permission to access their information. The surgery should then add you as a carer.

All GP practices will have a carer registration form. As a carer you are entitled to a free flu vaccination and your surgery may also offer the following: some flexibility with appointment times, for both yourself and/or the person you care for to accommodate your caring situation.

And the GP gets paid an extra premium for every carer on his books!!!

Are you able to book appointments on-line at your GPs?

If I phone for an appointment it could be weeks in the future, but if I look online, I can often get one for the next day - a new tranche of available appointments are released to the system at midnight every night - those are the same appointments that are given out if you phone at 8:00 am and they are soon gone.

I gave up with my G.P. surgery months ago, haven’t had my medication for months, the relationship with my G.P. has totally broken down, what am I supposed to do in this situation?

That I should contact Social Services for paid carers to come around the house, they do but they don’t turn up at the right times.
And there is just so much they can’t won’t are not allowed to do UNLESS YOU PAY EXTRA.

Every year I take/took my caree for a medication review/health check, there is NO parking at the G.P. surgery so have to drop off and park hundreds of metres away.

One year I took my caree for a flu jab, I asked for one myself, I was advised by the nurse that she would get sacked if she gave me a flu jab.
I have long term chronic health problems, immune system disorder so need a flu jab and need to look after myself healthwise.
I had to make a separate appointment to see the G.P. , walk hundreds of metres as no where to park, YES OF COURSE YOU CAN HAVE A FLU JAB.
I then had to make ANOTHER appointment with the nurse, no where to park again, walk hundreds of metres to get this flu jab which could have been given to me easily weeks ago.
I would like the manager of the Surgery sacked for wasting 2 appointments, surely there could be a flag system or just common sense giving unpaid carers flu jabs.
What if I had got flu with my compromised immune system I would have got very ill, possibly died, meaning I would not be able to care for weeks and weeks.
What if I had got flu and died? just because of red tape, we can’t do this , we can’t do that.

There is no carers register, there is no carers priority, the attitude is basically we don’t care for carers NOT OUR JOB.
It is up to Social Services to provide unpaid carer support.
The G.P. has done nothing regarding my health and my caree’s many with complex multiple health problems many from birth.

It has been suggested I change my G.P. but why should I , they need to change their attitude and give proper treatment help and support for carers/caree’s.
The North Yorkshire carers strategy suggests that carers should see their G.P. as they are a good source of information and support, NOT my G.P.

There seems to be a total lack of understanding by the G.P. of a unpaid carers role, that I should contact Social Services and they will provide all the care help and support, Social services don’t and won’t.
Perhaps the G.P.s need to learn the truth, go around with a paid carer for a day, live with a disabled person for a week like they do on the TV, then they would see what the real issues are Social care etc.

One of my long term carees died, I was and am still am devastated, the G.P. had little understanding, gave me some sleeping tablets and that’s it.
I later found out that my G.P. could have should have referred me for bereavement counselling, but now I have to wait for months.
I have read that I should go to my G.P. and ask for carer counselling, well no because it is nothing to do with the G.P.

There really seems to be a postcode lottery that some unpaid carers are getting good support from the G.P. surgery and some are getting NONE.
It should be standardised the length and breadth of the country, universal recognition of unpaid carers by ALL Social Services AND NHS staff.
That’s what it says in the Carers Strategy, Recognised, valued and supported, NOT recognised, NOT Valued and NOT supported.

Rant over, it is clear from this post I haven’t had a very good day, What am I told to do, go see my G.P., yes if there was somewhere to park and if they were willing to listen and help.


Thanks for posting that link its helpful


I should really look at registering on line . You have given me a reminder. Its like everything else, it has got to the bottom of my to - do pile, which ever growing!


It sounds like you haven’t had much support from GP and you should be able to park!
I think we all tend to rant a bit when we have a bad day, I know I do!

Hope you have a better one today.

Thanks for this, I didn’t know that. Currently, I phone up and get told to call back tomorrow at 8.30am only to be told nothing available and call back tomorrow at 8.30am.

I will have to find out how to register online.

On the verge, the example you give shows the need for the surgery to make reasonable adjustments for you.

How can I challenge the G.Ps decision to refuse me all unpaid carer help and support?
When it is clear in the carers strategy that the G.P. should be supporting carers.

I have talked to PALS but got nowhere, the G.P. refused to meet and discuss the issue as it is nothing to do with him.

I can go through complaints but heard that in many cases, you are then asked to leave the practise and register elsewhere.

I don’t mind doing that, and probably will in the end but why should I?

The G.P is pig headed and ignorant, helping and supporting carers can save money, intervening before breakdown point could save thousands of pounds.

What can I do?