Financial assessment

The local council have asked for more money per week contribution from my son towards his Care Services. This is because the PIP/ UC rates have increased. They haven’t taken into consideration the cost of living increases (fuel etc) and are still using the rates calculated in 2018, this makes him worse off.
He is 21, severely autistic and unable to work. He has been awarded the highest level of both measures of PIP and the Disabled element of UC.
Can anyone give me any tips on how to complete his Financial Assessment to make sure that I include all DRE (disability related expenses)?
He lives at home with me. I find it crazy that I’m expected to fund him forever as the LA will not take in to consideration his proportion of household bills!? Any ‘normal’ 21 year old would be paying some sort of contribution or board to their parents.
I have read the covering paperwork from the LA and can only see that he might be able to claim for additional washing loads and a couple of other minor things like bedding…

Hi NF170

Disability Related Expenditure is a regular bone of contention because councils won’t consider some costs. It’s in their interests not to allow everything, of course.

Mencap has some advice on this: Paying for support | Mencap

Thanks for that. I’ll have a read through.