Fairer charging & disability related costs

S has finally been awarded extra money each month as he has passed ( or failed, depending how you look at it,) his work capability assessment. This will trigger a fairer charging assessment. The fairer charging assessment considers disability related expenses. These totally disregard autism specific stuff and only recognise things like incontinence products - which S doesn’t need.

At the same time, his ASD club has just doubled the cost of its club, for those needing 1 to 1 ( like S,) to £20!

I’m anticipating Fairer charging will not agree to recognise this as a disability related expense as they will say it’s a non essential hobby. However, it only costs S and others with high needs, this much because their disability means they need 1 to 1 support to access the club.

I need legislation/ arguments etc so that I’m prepared for when I have to argue this.


Mmmm , a challenge , perhaps ?

Opening bid … SCOPE … community forum :

Adult social care fairer charging policy — Scope | Disability forum

Disability Rights UK … a second ace ?



Non-Residential Charges : Paying towards the cost of your care and support at home

A 37 page .pdf format Government publication in reserve :


Good sounding name ?

Fairer Charging Policies for Home Care and other non-residential Social Services.

Guidance for Councils with Social responsiblities.

That word GUIDANCE … and not the worrd DIRECTIVE …perhaps an inference to the forthcoming use of those
infamous ones … SHOULD / COULD / WOULD / PERHAPS / MAYBE … ???

( " Sorry Melly. Perfectly reasonable but there is just a small problem, There is a R in the month. " )

Oh no,another fight on your hands. Its going to be a managed/ not managed needs argument maybe. If S doesn’t go to the club,his needs won’t be managed. He needs the club with the one to one, or he can’t go. Not going will have have a detrimental affect.

Thanks Chris, I shall be reading these links once I break up from school and preparing …

Great angle, Pet and so true.


Your welcome.

There are some legal advice type ones out there … seem fine but … advice … as in presenting a case before a judge ?

None are as a direct result of Court cases … that LA and Social Care Ombudsman site next on the menu should you
need more ammo … more cruise missile as opposed to bullet ?

It is a disability related cost, so they should respect that. When I unearth my book by Michael Manifests I’ll see if I can find anything useful.

Think going to an ASD club should come under his assessed social needs. Make sure it is written into his care plan as such and you should get specific funding for it, and anything else that he is assessed as eligible for.

As I understand it Disabilty Related Expenses are items of expenditure that are “ring fenced” I.e. disregarded before they then calculate his finances. Examples might be extra heating costs or costs of special food, maintenance of elctric wheelchair etc.

For S something such as purchasing head phones would be DRE but attendence at club and special Olympics, and the transport thereto and carer to accompany would be written specifically into his care plan and funded.

That’s my understanding, could be wrong

Yep … the link posted earlier to the SCOPE community forum adds a little to that , Mrs. A.

The word GREY crops up … as in area … for the upteenth time.

Hopefully , the link to that heavyweight posted in the same bit will help claify that " Grey " area ?