Exhausted and pregnant

I care for my husband who has physical and mental health problems as well as working full time (I’m out of the house including travel around 48 hours a week) and also have a young child. I have also recently found out that I’m pregnant.
I had a Carers assessment which seemed a complete waste of a morning. I was told I need to take care of myself and have time to myself yet was given no solution as to how I could do this.
Due to my husbands disabilities he can’t help around the house with house work etc or garden and we recently moved house to a council one which needs major redecoration and all they have done is give us vouchers for paint despite them knowing fully our situation.
Is there anyway I can get practical help with all the jobs that I need to do as I shouldn’t really be up and down ladders and I’m struggling to do housework in between work and caring.
I am also seriously sleep deprived as my husband has panic attacks and or nightmares throughout the night which means that I have to support him as well as having a young child who sometimes wakes up, and the joys of being pregnant.
I seriously don’t know what to do now to get help before it gets to the point where I can’t manage caring on top of everything else.

Maxmummy, I am sorry to read about your troubles - and also sorry that no-one has replied to your post of a month ago. I’m afraid I have little experience or help to offer but have you tried going to your GP and explaining the situation. He/She might be able to signpost you to somewhere that can offer advice and help. Mumsnet is also a useful forum and someone on there will at least reply to you if you post a request for advice/help. All the best.