Doctors and Bereavement duties

I have contacted a bereavement councelling place who have a big waiting list, I was told about another place but you have to be referred by the doctor.

I did go to the doctors shortly after my caree passed away, the doctor did gave me some sleeping tablets and that was it.
I did contact social services at the time as well, but no one ever got back to me about any kind of bereavement help.
You are just left like caring to find out information yourself.
So now I have to go back to the doctor to get the help that I should have got in the first place.

Is there no kind of duty to provide bereavement support when the caring role ends?
Just seems to be a very uncaring world we live in.

Plenty of text book type answers via an Internet search.

Most relevant ?

Guidance given to gps :

Consultation skills: Consulting with the bereaved patient | GPonline

In the real world , it is , literally , everyone for themselves … unless they have , by chance , a caring gp ?

I hear that Cruse specialises in bereavement counseling. Not tried them myself.

My GP was useless too.
He could have made a bit of an effort, especially when he’d known me for over 40 years and it was the failure of his colleagues to spot my husband’s heart disease that left me widowed at 54.
Then when I complained about the the new GP, he decided that I should be forced to leave the surgery altogether. Backed down when he found out I was one of the longest serving patients, 50 years or so at the surgery.
Sometimes buying a book and doing it yourself is easier, but it shouldn’t be like this.

I just don’t think the G.P. understood my caring situation at all, that I should contact Social Services and they will provide help.
Social Services were cutting services leaving the elderly/disabled with little help.
One G.P. was very shocked when I told the whole story, I think they have rose tinted glasses that Social Services provide an excellent and caring service, they don’t, she left shortly after, never saw her again.

The G.P. should have provided support according to guidelines but just didn’t provide any, unknowing, un caring.
Of course if I have £45 a week spare I can receive help tomorrow, I don’t so I have to wait.

Any bereavement support groups local to you? My doctor listened to me when I told him mum had died, and then mentioned Cruse. Similar response about anxiety in that he mentioned self. referral to Mind.

I have to wonder how much NHS is donating to these nonprofits to rid themselves of basic mental health or bereavement care?

Hospice, another nonprofit, did offer support to families before and after death of a loved one, but I didn’t take it up.

I’m in no way an advocate for Benenden Health but I just joined today! For £10.25/month, amoungst other benefits, they offer 24/7 mental health phone line for topics including bereavement from day one and counseling after 6 months. Worth a try perhaps?