District nurse contact

Does anyone know how to contact a district nurse when their patient ie my mum is refusing to give me the number? I really need to speak to the district nurse regarding some issues?

In our area there is a hub where district nurses are sent out from, and the clinic they’re attached to has a number. It’s hard to get them because they are usually out, but with luck we can leave a message. So I suppose you go from your town’s health service department.

Do a google search type in

District nurse near me and/or your area alternately your mums G.P. surgery. Be mindful the nurse may not talk to you without Mum’s permission.

Just very quickly: whilst a health professional can refuse to talk to you about your relatives’ condition, they should listen to what you have to say as it helps them to build a clinical picture. And it is part of their guidelines on confidentiality, although some will still refuse to do it.

The District Nurses we used to have had a point of contact number so you should be able to hopefully find one via google for your area. If this is an issue, then phone the GP Surgery and say that you need to contact the District Nurse.