Disabled Facilities Grant For New Mobility Bathroom

Anyone been through this process? I understand if you qualify under certain medical and mobilitiy reasons you can get upto £30-40K for a new complete mobility bathroom?

Occupational Therapy from the council decide.

I looked into, and began the process but didn’t go through with it.

We would have had to pay the whole amount with very little control over some aspects of the work.

The surveyor was a complete idiot, he’d “never seen a shower like ours”, (a bog standard Mira Power Shower) and insisted that they would fit an electric shower - not on my watch matey, an 8 or 10kw heater that delivers a trickle in comparison to our shower that runs off the CH.

None of the contractors on his list were from our town, (population approx 40,000 with dozens of plumbers/bathroom fitters etc so that would immediately put the costs up.

As usual, the cut off point is if you have savings of over £23,000 ish, then you pay everything.With between £23k and £14k savings you would get some contribution from them, but the figures do vary around the country, there’s no apparent standard.

Strange co-incidence: some months ago a member here sent me a p.m. about the exact same subject - I replied and the reply sat in my outbox until yesterday, (that means it was still unread) when I deleted it.

I had a £20,000 quote for an ensuite little more than 2metres x 2 metres. I found plans on the Disabled Living Centre website, worked out what I wanted, bought some things very reasonably on ebay, and arranged for my plumber to fit it at a fraction of the cost. My neighbour is a brilliant plumber, he has modernised my whole system in recent years. I would suggest talking to a few “specialists”, deciding what you like best and do your own.

The mobility companies are a rip off.

A standard bathroom usually costs £3-4K max
A wetroom shouldnt be more than £5-6K

I got quotes of £13.5/£11.8/9.5K!

We did get a VAT exemption of about £2k with one company but they raise the price then reduce it so its not really a reduction!

We have decided to get a standard bathroom and also add underfloor heating and a wall extractor fan as the so called big mobility companies do not do them!