Diabetes type 2 bad side effects Trulicity

Can anyone advise, caree been diagnosed with diabetes 2, blood sugar was the G.P. pointed out through the roof.
The medication hasn’t been working, so seen the diabetic clinic, come home with a bag of medication, blood sugar meter, test strips and needles.
A daily insulin injection and a weekly injection called Trulicity.

Since then she has barely been able to leave the house, having to run to the toilet, horrible churning pain in her stomach, yucky burps and just feeling like been run over by a 10 ton truck.

All the G.P. says you have bad diabetes you just have to stick with it, take the medication and you will get better.

Just seems to have horrible side effects, can anything be done, can anyone advise, she is basically housebound or toilet bound.
I am going around helping with the shopping etc and the complicated medication regime.

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