Desperate enough for private care

My partner has been desperately ill for 2 weeks with 3 suicide attempts and we have called the crisis team multiple times in desperation. There are no beds available and despite me having an eight year old in the house they only advice was call A&E. He has no CMHT support (as he has been on the waiting list for 18 months).

We managed to finally get a private Psych appt and her advice is he needs immediate admission to hospital. I have researched private care and the only option is the priory at almost 1k per night.
Does anyone know of more affordable (payment plan) based care? He needs help stabilising and I am desperate for a break from this.

Any help would be appreciated.


It’s up to the psychiatrist to pull strings so he gets the NHS bed he’s entitled to.

All over the country the mental health services are reducing “in beds” to try save money, we have lost our service in our town and you have to go to the next city miles away.

The NHS have a duty of care and there are strategys to prevent suicide, the government is trying to reduce suicides.

Someone from the Mental health services needs to find your partner a bed even if it is 100 miles away.

Not ideal but your partner will at least get the treatment needed.

Its the people who shout the loudest that get the help, keep phoning the crisis team, the Community mental health team, A&E, the doctors.
You can find a lot of the numbers by browsing the net.

Contact Pals as well Patient Liason, all NHS services have to have a Pals.

I am having exactly the same issue , my caree needs NHS Mental health treatment, support etc but there is none available.

Despite employing hundreds of mental health staff.