Daughter with bpd

Am new to Forum so this is just a tester to make sure all is correct before pouring my heart out!

Well, you’ve successfully posted. And lots of us have poured our hearts out here - so you are not alone.

May I just check, when you say ‘BPD’ is that for Bipolar or Borderline? I’ve seen the acronym used for both, but not sure what is the ‘common usage’ (or the medical one!).

Whichever it is, having a child with ANY kind of mental illness is always very emotionally difficult - and dealing with mental illness at all is difficult…

With a physical illness, you still ‘have’ the person you are caring for, they can be ‘on your side’ in how you help them. WIth MI, etc, alas, sometimes they ‘fight you’ even when you only want the best for them. (The ‘fighting’ is part of the condition in the first palce, alas.)