Cost of employer's liability insurance

Hello all
I’ve made the decision to register as an employer in order to employ a carer for my husband who has dementia.
Can anyone give me a ball park figure of how much the employer’s liability insurance would cost?
Many thanks for your help …

Plenty of Internet results produced by a search … EMPLOYER’S LIABILITY INSURANCE ?

Also includes the major players out there.

The usual … caveat emptor … ?

I have assumed that CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare is not a factor here ?

( Whole new section added only yesterday on dementia … and the falsehoods many are told. )

Hi Esme,
we use a payroll service and they organise the insurance too. They have brought it from Fish and Mark Bates over the years. Not more than £100. The cost of the insurance should be included in the direct payments package - it shouldn’t come out of you or your husband’s personal finances.


Many thanks for the info Melly1 …

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