Coronavirus latest news: More than 40,000 excess deaths

appalling goverment !

To be honest, I wouldn’t believe those figures until they’re announced by an official source as I just read the same story on a different website where they were claiming the figure was nearer 50,000 excess deaths. However once you read the article in full it clearly states that not all of those deaths are Covid-19 related. It’s still sad that so many have died over the last few months, but given the current climate I do wish the press would be more careful with how they word their headlines.

the social media does have problems with storys but with the failings with the goverment who wants to send there kids back to school , who wants to go out and back to work , without proper testing , without ppe , etc can we in the uk say we trust the goverment to get us through covid 19 , when there are so many loved ones and children dieing

I think that after all the confusion caused over the last few days and ministers either not knowing the answers to questions or giving out incorrect information when asked about the new lockdown rules in England that trust in the current government is probably at an all time low.

The UK death toll from Covid-19 has surpassed 40,000, according to official figures, with almost 10,000 care home residents now having died from coronavirus.