Common law husband

Completely new to this, but would appreciate any help.
FIL has lived with partner for 7 years, power of attorney with her sons. She went into care last week and they want him out of the house to rent out as self funding. He doesn’t want any claim on the house but wishes to stay-even paying a small amount of rent. Can he claim any sort of tenancy?

Reads as if Shelter will be needed on the tenancy issue :

If there is any claim for a tenancy , they are the experts.

Can I ask how old he is?
If someone who owns a house goes into residential care, if a relative is over 60 and still living there, then the value of the house is TOTALLY DISREGARDED.

This is probably “new territory” for all concerned, so it’s quite likely that the person now in care isn’t getting all she is entitled to.

The rules say “spouse or partner”. Just google “residential disregard residential care” and you will find the details you need. (My curiosity got the better of me so I had to search!)

Thank you, her sons probably want him to leave although we are pushing the disregard element.
He is in his seventies and doesn’t want to leave quickly and find somewhere else to live.
I will look up shelter, thank you

It would actually be in the son’s interests to have the disregard and leave dad in situ.
Once he leaves the LA will no longer disregard the home!