Catheter advice (male)

I will just add the things im after help with just to make it a bit simple as some long pages.

1…Blocked…other ways to prevent to dilute Debris/crust inside tube and ways to unblock apart from fluid wash.
2…PUBS…purple bag,ways to help or stop it or find out is the Diet wrong so i can add or change food/fluid.
this goes off if new catheter fitted then back in 5 days after…urine samples say normal but doing another.
not medication as had it for just over a year and never had it before and same meds.

Edited…Just taken water sample up 11/3/19…spoke to GP last week and said when purple comes back bring one.


I wish there was a person to talk to on this as is this day and age you would of thought as people are living longer and so many elderly with a catheter but just cant leave the house or other problems that they cant get out just for advice.
In this case a Urologist just to ask why blocking now and not 2 years ago and the purple bag,doctor says just keep up having it flushed and changed if needed and he will send a letter on the purple bag,we will see but i know why will be said.
Never knew there was catheters which are sort term that are changed either days or every day on if needed,like in left then out in a few hours to stop water retention.

Hi. Only just read this. My husband had a suprapubic catheter straight into his bladder just below his navel. We have found that investing in a water filter jug has been a great help in preventing so many blockages. It won’t stop them but we have far fewer. You can also get an ‘in-line’ filter on the water supply but obviously more expensive.

Hi there.
Been a few months now and still getting the same but dad does drink a lot but mainly he has a active system on night not a lot in the day,he might not get a lot in the bag on the afternoon for a good 5 or so hours but when he is on the bed it starts in around 2 or 3 hours then on and off a good 1.5 to 2 liters a night in a period of 12 hours,been told a lot of elderly people are like this from nurses and doctors being they see a lot of people
He drinks 1.5 or just over of water with a bit of orange and water for tablets (3 small cups) and 3 cups of tea and also doctor (came off urologist which was asked by doctor on e-mail) to give him a vitamin C tablet which he has been on for a few months and it likes it makes the debris that bit softer and a little less,we still have it flushed but i have my own trick which i do reading on here at a few stuff and it helps.

I never knew other peoples “dried” up during the day and “flowed” more at night.
I thought this was just me
So glad that it seems not as abnormal as I thought. :slight_smile:

Apologies for posting here but my question is sort of related so previous posters may be able to advise. My 81 year old father has a catheter fitted and he is in early stages of dementia. My mother is his 24/7 carer and is the one that manages and operates the catheter emptying process as my father struggles to concentrate and has bad coordination. Up until now they have never used the night bag as my dad is a very restless sleeper, and they were too scared to try it. However to improve their sleep duration they have tried it and more often than not the pipe comes off during the night from the drain point valve. Even attaching the pipe to his leg with tape below the drain point is not really working as my father can be unaware that his movements are pulling the pipe off or even what the pipe is for.
My question was is there any sort of safety stop valve that if the pipe did come off then the flow of urine out of the drain point stops, a bit like a Hose pipe connection if you like. Thanks in advance