Caring for parent in the same home as an employee

I am currently a Personal Assistant for my parent who resides at a different address and I receive wages via a direct payment scheme. I need to take leave and the best person to cover me during this time is my sibling who resides at the same address as my parent. However I have been advised that as they live at the same address this could be an issue , with exceptions under the care act 2014 . Can anybody help explain what these exceptions are and the best way around this ?


Hampshire keep using this loophole, which I’m currently challenging!

Sorry what is the loophole you are refering to, apologies if I missed the point…

The council could decide to pay your brother/sister but are using the excuse that he lives with them to avoid this, although they could if they wanted to.

Hi, I would use medical and religious reasons backed up by regulations of the care act they are there in limited circumstances family members can look after parents the law changed recently on it.

Just curious you living at a different address was that a condition for you to receive a direct payment from your parents address?


Do you have any links to the recent changes in rules on this? Would be very interested to see what’s been said.