Caring for my mum

Hi my name is Claire my mum moved in with us 7 years ago , in the beginning it was okay she had her own space ie front room etc but when lockdown happened and she had to isolate, my partner could not work I am a community support worker so still worked , my mum has got very depressed the go put her on anti depressants which has caused severe memory problems. The doctor is cutting it down slowly but I’m totally in the middle of the two of them it’s like after a long hard day a work it’s like coming home to two naughty kids I just want to scream :scream: mum and I our both going to see go tomorrow in the vain hope he can help :weary:

Are the antidepressants really causing memory problems??
How old is mum?
How old are you and your husband?
What are they bickering endlessly about???