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I had a carers assessment a few years back and they decided that as I worked full time and looked after my mum who is blind and has Parkinson dementia that I was earning too much to be entitled to any benefits as such

They did decide though as all my work holiday time is used up on hospital appointments etc and I have next to no social time off or a holiday in the last 6 years that they would give me £20 a week to spend on “treating” myself to maybe a relaxing massage or something

The trouble is unless I was to visit some iffy CHEAP back street massage parlour that’s they advertise in the back of the local newspaper and the cost of having to get a carer to sit with my mum for a couple of hours at £23 a hour it would leave me out of pocket by about £40.

Now I am grateful ( in a way) that I’m worth a whopping £20 a week…but my question to you guys is that really the going rate ?

Another carer I know says she saves her vouchers that the council send he so she has at least an afternoon off every week…!!

Have I been fobbed off by the council with the £20 or should I request another assessment ( especially as the last one was two years ago and was only to see if I ACTUALLY still qualified for the £20)

Hope you can advise or recommend a cheaper massage parlour :joy:

Hi Linda.

In short , many would consider you somewhat lucky !

( 1998 … my proposed £ 60+ cinema ticket repeated a little too much over the years … north of £ 100 in 2019 terms ? )

Carer Assessments … our very own CUK on these :

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

( Should be annually ! )

Enough in various threads / forum postings to wake up the entire population to the " Joys " of those in today’s " Cut … and cut
again … and when finished , cut through the bone ! " world.

Yes … LAs ARE expected to produce monies and support to carers ( IF they qualify ! ) … Care Act , 2014 spells that out.

Trouble is , many simply do not have the monies … ignore what that Care Act has to say for itself and … hope that those
victims do not then fire off complaints to the LA and Social Care Ombudsman who, in turn , will examine the complaint …
if upheld , said LA will find itself in the dock … with restitution to the claimant as a forfeit.

The " Books " will say otherwise … or diplomatically avoid the real situation out there.
On this forum , we tell all and sundry EXACTLY how things are out there !

We would be failing in our " Duty " to our fellow carers if we didn’t !

Another " Right " that does exist … on paper … one needs to take measures to enforce it !

( As for cheap massage parlours , I will diplomatically stay silent … and NO … not plead the 5th. ! )

Lol…thanks Chris, spilt me tea when I read the last bit about the cheap massage and your lack of knowledge !!!

I am honestly gratefully for the £20 don’t get me wrong but it’s the lack of increase in line with the new minimum wages etc and a question of should I be requesting a review since I haven’t had an assessment for nearly 3 years ? Or do I risk rocking the boat and they take it away all together ?

It’s like Deal or no Deal…!!!

( Protecting meself there … ahead of what a couple may have asked ? Cheap ? Not on this manor … so I’m told ! Not even a
discount for senior citizens like meself. Even AGE UK refuse to intervene ! )

Carers assessments ?

Annually … both the " Books " and us agree on that one … and get the results in writing !

Trouble is that word again … CUTS … stick or twist … when the LA are playing with a marked deck ???

Two cards held … add up to 12 … minimal level of support in place … a 9 or less … a good bet ?

If they add up to 15 … reasonable level of support in place … a 6 or less … the odds are against you ?

And , beware that card that comes off the bottom !

If I wasn’t claiming my state pension, I’d be getting a whopping £66.15p for 105 hours per week, but as it is I get zilch. I do still have the entitlement to Carers Allowance, (they even wrote and told me that), but until the government run out of cash to pay my pension I won’t receive it.

So, I think you’re doing well to get £20 out of them.

I do a pretty fair massage if you’re anywhere close to SW Hants., just touching some female flesh that didn’t involve bum wiping would be a refreshing change.


I’m on my way lol …it will take me 2 hours to get there although we may have to stop off for numerous toilet stops on route…pmsl you cheeky devil

Massage should definitely help you! I felt much better after it!

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