Carers help/support group - schizophrenia/psychosis

Because of the serious lack of day to day support and appropriate resources for those of us caring for loved ones/family that have been suffering with schizophrenia/psychosis I started a support group specifically for those who want to connect with others with similar needs.

POPS UK is a new and private (only members can see posts/discussions) Facebook group that has been created for Parents, Family and Friends of Psychosis/Schizophrenia sufferers to connect, communicate and share resources and experiences. Now with over 280 members across the UK the group has been highly successful in providing support and making connections with others. The group is very active with hundreds of posts and thousands of interactions between members each month. Many members describe the group as their “haven” or even “saviour” because everyone in the group understands exactly what you are experiencing. The group is very easy to access and join, just click the link and answer 3 qualifying questions (to keep the trolls out!!) and you are in. No hassle, no judgement, no long delays to a response … just people who are like you and need to air their issues, vent, reach out or simply know they are not the only one experiencing the horrors of caring for someone with a SMI.

Come and join us, it is a completely safe space and you will be welcomed by others who have like experiences and concerns. :slight_smile: