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Morning all

I have been caring for our son Harry for 16 years. He has very severe epilepsy and learning disabilities and needs full time one to one care and has qualified for continuing healthcare funding.

In the past i accessed a carers grant which allowed me to take some classes and make some friends outside of my caring role.

Since the provision of grants changed to the NHS i have not been able to access any grant at all. The reason i am gven by Central Bedfordshire Carers is that even though we resde in central beds our GP is in Buckinghamshire and therefore I am not eligible.

I contacted carers in buckinghamshire and they said that even though our GP is in Buckinghamshire AS WE RESIDE IN BEDS we cant access the grant.

We literally are in a cross county trap

Please can somebody help?


Hi Paula.

An Internet search … GRANTS FOR FAMILY CARERS … will reveal many avenues to explore.

grants for family carers - Google Search


Since the provision of grants changed to the NHS

As for the local setback , I can only sympathize … a post code lottery … many others are not so bound.

On your manor , that is , indeed , the case.

As you will see , there are many players out there other than the NHS.

A search of this forum will reveal 502 references to CARERS GRANTS … some will be of assistance :

Try Bedfordshire…

They maybe able to help or redirect you,

Lets us know how you get on.

I know that there’s something in the Care Act about this sort of cross boundary issue. Not sure where my copy of the Regulations is at the moment, as we’ve been redecorating my dining room/study. You can find the regulations online, and I think the index should help you find the relevant section.

Cross boundary issues under the Care Act , 2014 ?

Best I could identify :

Care and support statutory guidance - GOV.UK


Statutory guidance

Care and support statutory guidance

Updated 26 October 2018

Not exactly the easiest of reads ?

Thanks all

I have contacted both Beds and bucks carers charities again. Have been told by BUCKS that the carers trust now funds carers grant NOT the NHS (as I was told 6 months ago). I may be in luck with carersinbeds in this case. I await their reply

hello all im new too all this suff to do with carers im not to sure if any one can help me out here as im looking to a carers grant but un sure what to do and how to aply for as im a fulltime carer for my mum who as be disabled i was told that i can get a carers grant with help to me or help to getting with going away ect

manny thanks tammy nash

Each local authority administers the carers grant differently. Some do in house others uses carers associations funding provided by the /NHS. You will need to contact your Local Authority alternatively your local Citizens Advice will know.

There are varies grants available on line from different charities. Although you will be ask have you been already turn down for a Local Authority grant.

Hi Tammy, welcome to the forum.
Can you tell us a bit more about mum to start with?
Claiming Disability beneftis?
Are you getting Carers Allowance?
Has mum had a recent (in the last 12 months) Needs Assessment from Social Services?
Have you had a Carers Assessment from SS in the last 12 months?

Sorry for all the questions, but it will help us help you to get everything which you are entitled to.